Drive your Dream Car on a Budget

When you are on a budget, getting a new car from the showroom can be quite a challenge. At Lakeshore Chrysler Jeep Dodge we understand this struggle, and that is why we have given the option to get a used car from our dealership. Having in mind that you on a budget, we offer competitive prices for the vehicles available. We ensure there is quite a range of cars to choose from that suit your requirements.

You can also breathe easy because our cars pass all the required tests and have them refurbished to their original state. It is in a bid to ensure you get almost the same car as it were in the showroom display. The car's engine and transmission are also thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets the standards as it were performance wise while the car was new.

With such a guarantee, I would advise you to visit us and get yourself new wheels of your choice on a budget. Stop in and see for yourself at 4235 W Fruitvale Road.

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