How Important Is Your Tire Tread?

Let's talk about something every vehicle has in common. Can you guess what we are thinking about? If you said tires, you are correct. Around your tires is tread and this is very important. Tire tread is what keeps your vehicle in touch with the road. So, how important is your tire's tread? The answer is, very important.

It is fairly easy to determine if your vehicle needs new tires or if your tread is great simply by looking at them. As a driver, you should check your tire tread on a regular basis. If you start seeing signs of wear and tear, it could be time to replace your tires right away. Doing this can safeguard your vehicle from a serious accident.

If you are unsure or if you think you need new tires you can stop on over to Lakeshore Chrysler Jeep Dodge and our service center can get your vehicle all fixed up and road ready. Stop over today while it's fresh in your mind!

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