Enjoy the New Dodge Challenger at Lakeshore Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The Dodge Challenger has been at the top of the heap when it comes to American muscle cars. There are a few reasons why this is so. One of the major reasons is the original models. These were developed before gas prices were through the roof. These cars were gas guzzlers- but they were fast and incredibly stylish. That legacy lives on in the current lineup from Fiat Chrysler America.

There is a considerable amount of variance between the different models of the Dodge Challenger. These include family-oriented base models like the Challenger SE running a V6. Their mid-level performance models include the more popular SXT and SRT models. The highest end of the lineup is filled out with vehicles like the Dodge Hellcat and the Dodge Demon.

Enjoy the new Dodge Challenger. Visit our showroom at Lakeshore Chrysler Jeep Dodge today!



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